Supernatural: Wayward Sisters

It’s backdoor pilot time!

First and foremost, I am so happy to see Jody and Donna back together. They are the reason I am excited about this potential show, and they were great together, as expected.

Second, there were a few clunky bits, and the women haven’t totally gelled as a team yet, but it was Supernatural-y enough to give me positive feels for a potential show.

I am excited about Wayward Sisters, but I have to admit, if this show takes off, I am worried it will give Jensen and Jared the perfect way out of doing this show once they hit 300+ episodes. I think they miss their families, and maybe would like a break, but have built a family up there in Vancouver, and feel guilty about breaking up that crew. If they can all migrate over to Wayward, J&J can step aside guilt-free.

I will say for the record, I would be very very sad, because I want Supernatural to go on FOREVER. (Clearly)


Sam and Dean are trapped in The Bad Place, and our new team of bad ass ladies are off to rescue them.


The episode opens with Claire rescuing a young girl from werewolves when she gets a call from Jody to come home. Patience has foreseen Claire’s death, but Jody lures her home by telling her that Sam and Dean are missing. Because they are! Jody: “Sam and Dean went on a hunting trip, and we haven’t heard from them in a few days.” <– NICE!

I liked that we got a good old fashioned monster hunt, mashed up with a Winchester rescue mission, and once Donna showed up in her D-TRAIN, custom pick-up truck, we were off to the races.

Jody and Donna leave the women behind to check things out, but when Jody doesn’t answer her phone, Kaia tells Claire it’s time to go find them. And they all end up rescuing Donna and Jody in the process, using a flame thrower! (Dean would be so proud/jealous!)

Claire takes the leap into the Bad Place with Kaia in tow, finds a tied up Sam and Dean in record time, and just as they try to make their getaway, the cloaked figure that has been following and trapping the Winchesters, stabs Kaia and kills her.

Sam and Dean make sure Claire escapes with them, and when they all get back to our world, Patience realizes the error in interpreting her vision.

And then! The cloaked figure from the Bad Place arrives in our world, and reveals herself to be the Bad Place version of Kaia! An excellent set-up for their very own season, if it happens. (I am soooooo betting on it happening.)

The Good!

  • New monsters are always welcome. This one slipped in from the world that our beautiful boys were trapped in, as the door stayed open once they went through.
  • Claire kills the monster, and they bring it back to Jody’s garage to inspect it! Its pretty gross!!
  • Battle scar stories!
  • Dean cooking up some lizard at a campfire in the Bad Place – “It tastes like a lizard!” Then grabbing it to go when the monster nears.
  • Claire showing some emotional growth! Finally!!
  • Everything Donna does and says.
  • Monsters crashing in the front window, a la Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


  • Claire narrating at the end. I get why they did it, and it is well written, does it job, but I am not a fan of the Narrating My Journal trope, so let’s hope it’s just for closure this one time.
  • Still, no one has bothered to call Castiel about Jack. I know, they’re busy, but c’mooooon.

Convention tidbit!

Jensen Ackles said at the New Orleans convention that he improvised Dean running back for the lizard. He was sure Dean wouldn’t leave food behind, but didn’t think they would use it. CUTE.

Next!! More Donna!!