Supernatural: Welcome to the Multiverse

So far this season, we have Jack, the son of Lucifer; Asmodeus, the last Prince of Hell; Lucifer escaping the Apocalypse world; Mamma Winchester still trapped; the AU Michael; Mr Ketch is alive; Castiel escaped from The Empty; Billie the reaper gets a promotion to a very stylish Death (Lisa Berry is so damn gorgeous, I seriously can’t stop staring at her when she’s on screen, And that is saying something, as she plays against Jensen Ackles, who is otherworldly pretty.); and a fully integrated attempt to spin off the show with a bunch of women and Jody Mills, called Wayward Sisters.

Lots of stuff, but how are we going to be introduced to the new wayward gang? By sending Sam and Dean to an alternate earth that our newest Wayward character calls ‘The Bad Place’. Guess who’s gonna rescue the two beautiful brothers?

But first!

While our beautiful boys have spent the last couple of episodes looking for Jack, worried he is out in the world, learning to wreak havoc, it turns out that Jack has been out trying to find a door to the AU to rescue Mamma Winchester. He’s so sweet!

Jack finds a dreamwalker, and while this one isn’t able to help him, it leads him to another dreamwalker, Kaia, who is another addition to the Wayward Sister crew. How do I know that? Well, this episode has Jody Mills and Patience Turner, and it is obvious that Kaia will be part of the new gang. Its all very exciting.

Jack finds Kaia at her rehab group session, and after unconvincingly admitting to a cocaine addiction, he helps bust her out. She, however, doesn’t want to leave with a weird stranger (which is smart!), so she punches him in the face and runs away. right into the arms of some angels looking for Jack.

The Winchesters are hot on Jack’s trail after hearing of a corpse with it’s eyes burned out. When the boys finally catch up, Jack tells Sam and Dean that they and Castiel are his family while riding in the back of Baby, and dammit if it isn’t the sweetest thing. And Dean, now knowing that Mary is indeed alive, finally, totally softnes to Jack, and I can’t help to get a little mushy myself.

Anyway. Sam and Dean and Jack track down Kaia, being held captive by the angels, who are hoping to use her as Jack bait. Jack shows off his powers, freeing Kaia, and asking her to help them get to Mary.  After some threats from Dean (Dean! Stop it!), and Jack showing Kaia that there is more than just The Bad Place, the four of them head off to dreamwalk right into the AU.

The angels cut off our gang on some back road, causing them to head down a side road near an old pier. Dean holds off the angels while Sam wards the ship at the pier, and Jack and Kaia head to dreamwalk.

New angel trick! A line of angels kneel, place their angel blades on the ground, and pound the ground in unison to blow away angel warding. It’s a neat trick, but puts our heroes in a time crunch as they try to send the boys to the AU to save their mom.

Just as the warding fails, Kaia finally gets through to the world Jack has been looking for, and she lets loose pulses of power that disintegrate the angels, that sends Jack to the AU, landing at Mary’s caged feet. Sam and Dean are transported to The Bad Place (looking very Jurassic Park-y), while Kaia ends up unconscious on the side of the road.

Along the way, Patience has a growing pile of missed calls from Dean, and keeps having visions of something terrible coming. Finally, unable to ignore it, she bails on her dad, and ends up at Jody’s doorstep – who is leaving another worried message for Sam – telling her that something terrible is coming. DUN!


  • See how Dean just flips a switch when it comes to his family? Where he would normally be more sympathetic to Kaia and her misgivings, he instead threatens her. I assume this is born more from his guilt of not believing Mary was still alive than anything else. Luckily, he has Sam to help keep him in check.
  • Some people have been griping that the set-up for the pilot entails this ragtag group out to rescue seasoned hunters like Sam and Dean. I find it a very clever way to integrate the new show with the original. And it’s not like Sam and Dean haven’t needed rescuing before. They are certainly less than perfect.
  • Did anyone call Cass to tell him they found Jack? Seems like top of the to-do list. They did have all that time driving around in Baby. Someone could have made a call.

Quotes! (Not a lot of funny, but a lot of sweet)

Dean: You were right. About Mom. You were right. This whole time, we should have been looking for her. Sam: Dean, I was just hoping. I didn’t know. Anyways, it doesn’t matter. Now that we do know-  Dean: We find her, no matter what it takes.

Jack: I was scared. I was upset. But why would I look for him? He’s nothing to me. You. Castiel – you’re my family. Dean: Yes, we are. Finding Mom. You did a good thing kid. You did a real good thing.

Female Angel: We need that boy, Dean Winchester. Heaven’s running out of angels. Only he can save us.  Dean: As far as I’m concerned, you dicks can fry.

Next!  The backdoor pilot for Wayward Sisters. Seems as though they are positioning Claire as the lead, maybe? That’s fine. I’m in it for Jody and Donna, though. I hope it’s good!!