Supernatural: Dollar Store Indiana Jones Crap

After last week’s bomb dropping episode, this one feels a little thin, but that’s okay! We did learn some things, though, like the fact that Dean doesn’t like spiders. So there’s that!!

The episode starts in England at the Cambridge Museum. A woman who turns out to be a demon, breaks into a secure room, and takes two pages that are old and written in some ancient language. The demon then walks the papers out (in a new body!) to a man who has Dean Winchester’s cell number on speed dial. Hmm.

Back at the bunker, Dean is cleaning his gun (literally!), and after the obligatory We Don’t Know Where The Guy We’re Looking For Is, Dean gets his phone call. Turns out that this guy is Bart, the latest King of the Crossroads (played by the quintessential HeyItsThatGuy, David Cubitt), who not only knows about Jack, but has a spell (the previously stolen papers) to find a nephilim, and he wants Sam and Dean’s help in return for the spell.

Deals with the King of the Crossroads? Sure, seems like a good idea. The desperation of needing to get to Jack colors their decision to agree to talk about helping.

The boys meet Bart and his cohorts – Smash the safe-cracker, and Grab, a demon with special supernatural tracking skillz? Whatever, show.- at an undisclosed location, and find out that it is, indeed, a heist. Bart needs the blood of someone who has been to Hell and back (Know any men like that?) to retrieve a mystery chest kept by a man named Luther, who is billed as a horrible, horrible person. If they refuse, Bart gives the spell to Asmodeus, which makes the boys finally cave on working with another demon.

Does this seem like a good idea? I don’t think so, and neither do you, and neither do Sam and Dean, but we all carry on, regardless.

Sam pulls up to the gate of Luther’s house, with Dean and Smash stashed in the back of Baby, and tells the security camera that he is John Dormunder. Sam drops off his passengers, and heads up to the house, while Dean and Smash wander off on the grounds.

Awwwww. <3

Can we stop right now and revel in the fact that this episode is basically just an excuse for us to see Funny Dean, and to see Sam being, well, Sammy? I’m good with this.

Sam is tasked with keeping Luther occupied by offering to sell him the demon knife, which is a pretty good get for Luther. Except Luther thinks Sam is there to rob him, and in the ensuing fracas, Sam stabs Luther with the demon knife, and we find out that as long as he is on his property, he can’t die. Sam gets a punch in the face for his troubles.

Meanwhile, Dean is used as a hell-blood divining rod to find the safe they need to crack, and then give up his blood, “from the tap”, to open the door to the room where the safe resides.

Needles to say, Dean isn’t too happy about sticking his hand in some mystery hole.

And if the spider concern wasn’t funny enough, when Dean finally does stick his hand in there, his facial expressions and reactions to the contraption that grabs his hand and pokes his finger is Comedy Gold. I could post a zillion hilarious gifs regarding this scene, but these are my faves.

Okay, sorry for all the gifs. They just make me go heeheehee so much!


Smash and Dean get the door open, and a “Dollar Store Indiana Jones crap” floor and dart thingy is revealed. Really, the very first thing I thought was Indiana Jones, and I was a tiny bit annoyed that it took Dean so long to acknowledge it. But then he did and YAY.

Smash bails, as she was just here to open a safe, and then Luther shows, with the knife, and when Dean shoots him full of holes, and he doesn’t die, Sam helpfully shows up and tells Dean that Luther is immortal. So Dean punches him in the face, which goes quite well!

Sam comes up with an excellent idea to belay the booby trapped safe, and they tie Luther to a large hand cart and roll him through the room, triggering all of the poisoned darts, thus making passage into the room simple and pain free.

Smash – now revealed to be named Alice – meets Bart at the gates, and is reminded of her deal, and she heads back to the vault to open the safe. She opens it EASILY.

The boys grab the chest, and everyone heads to Baby. They jump in and take off, (Awesome crane shot, Robert Singer!), meeting Luther on the road, who has blocked their way with his red truck. Dean takes off, driving backwards, which is incredibly impressive to me, as I cannot back down my driveway without hitting the house or ditching the car. Then, Dean makes a gif-worthy flying turn so Sam can lean out the window and shoot out Luther’s tires. (I don’t have a gif. Sorry. But it would be AWESOME.)

Turns out Luther isn’t the total bad guy Bart made him out to be. He made a deal with Bart to save his son, and when his son died anyway due to an accidental technicality, Luther bargained his way out of Hell by using Bart’s bones as collateral.

Now see, Bart is just as sneaky and evil as Crowley was, and let me tell you, this was the moment I was worried that the show was gonna let him get away, and use him as the Next Crowley. I was quite relieved when those beautiful boys made it exceptionally easy for Alice to set this joker’s bones on fire and send him packing. Because there is no replacing Crowley, and I would be mad if they tried.

The down side of this treat, was that the second half of the spell Sam and Dean were working for also burned up with Bart. But you know what? Dean seems okay. He is back to his keep on working and diggin’ it out self, and Sam is happy to hear it!

Dean: You okay?

Sam: Yeah, not really. Not exactly the best day, you know?
Dean: Well, it’s not the worst. We did save somebody. That felt good.
Sam: Yeah. Yeah, it did. But back to square one with Jack.
Dean: We’ll figure something else out. And if that doesn’t work, then we’ll move on to next, and then whatever’s after that. We just keep working, ’cause it’s what we do.
Sam: It feels really good to hear you talk like that again.

Dean: I’ll drink to that.

See? This episode was kind of fluffy, but fun, and we need episodes like this from time to time. Sam and Dean are good, and still out fighting. That’s all we really want in the end.

Next! Midseason Finale!! (SAD)