Supernatural: My Two Dads


Since about season 8 or so of Supernatural, I have myself a very small anxiety moment, worrying that this will finally be the season that they screw the whole thing up. And this season, lucky number 13, was no different for me, except that maybe I was a little extra anxious, seeing as the world is on fire and everything is terrible.

I am happy to say, four episodes in, we seem to have ourselves another excellent start, with lots of moving parts and some interesting new faces.

Plus, plenty of Sam and Dean being all SamAndDean, if you know what I mean. And after a season where the boys got to be sons again, with the addition of their resurrected mom to the mix, this season we get to see the boys do their best to be Dads, with varying degrees of success and motivation.


Jack – Nephilim/Son of Lucifer/Foster Kid(Teen?) – So far, this guy seems to be pretty much what his mother, Kelly thought he would be, but he hasn’t met his father yet, so we shall see. He did stand up to Asmodeus, and his nefarious tricks, so that bodes well. Plus, he rlly rlly wants Dean to like him (who wouldn’t), which makes him a-ok in my book. So far. Still, Son of Luficer, so while I am much more on TeamSam with this particular subject, I understand TeamDean.

Asmodeus – Prince of Hell/Temporary Throne Sitter – The last of the Knights of Hell, this guy’s accent sounds an awful lot like the Styne’s from season 10, has a strict idea of what Hell should be, and as of this moment, is fiercely loyal to Lucifer. Poised to be one of the Big Bad’s of the season.

Michael – Alternate Universe Arch Angel Version/Handsome Black Man – This far into the series, we think we know Micheal, but we actually have very little information on this arch angel. And, this being the Alternate Universe (AU) version of Michael, who knows what we will get? He seems to really, really hate Lucifer, so there’s that.

Cosmic Entity – The Empty Guardian/Humanoid Shaped Black Goo – I have no idea if we will ever see this entity again, but its decision to look like Castiel, its wacky speech cadence, and its love of sleeping makes me like it very much. I loved Misha getting to do yet another NotCastiel character, and while I’m glad Cass is back on Earth, I sort of want to see more of the guardian of The Empty.

Patience Turner – Psychic/Granddaughter of Missouri Mosely/First (New) Piece of the SPN Spin-Off – This is one of the young women that will be joining episode 9, the back-door pilot for Wayward Daughters. I liked her, and I hope this means that we will get a visit from Missouri from time to time, because Missouri Mosely is one of my favorite characters who barely had any episodes, and it would be a shame if her death meant we never saw her again.

The Shideen – Scary Hell Monsters –  Aaaaarrrgghhh!!!!! Let’s not actually meet these new monsters, shall we? Pretty please?


Sam & Dean – Brothers In Grief – Sam was on-board the Give The Kid A Chance train immediately, while Dean, full of grief and anger, reverts straight to his Kill All Monsters mode. Although after this latest episode, there seems to be a big-ass chink in Dean’s grief armor, when he confesses to needing Sam to be positive about Mom, and begrudgingly tells Jack he did a good job on the monster hunt. We’re all still here because of the relationships, right? And this one is the beating heart of the show. I love my boys. I love it when Dean confesses he needs Sam to keep up the faith, because he can’t. I’m not crying, you’re crying!

Mary – Trapped in AU/Hero – Being trapped in an apocalyptic alternate hellscape because you were willing to sacrifice yourself for your boys wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for Lucifer, amirite?

Lucifer – Unlikely Companion of Mary/Arrogant Jerk – Yes, he didn’t kill Mary immediately, so one cookie for Lucy, but he’s still being the arrogant jerk he always was (and I love it, BTW). That is, until his big brother AUMichael shows. If they keep Mark Pellegrino’s Lucifer around indefinitely, that will be fine with me.

Castiel – Dead/The Empty Dweller/Not Dead (Again) – We finally get to see The Empty, first mentioned by Death back at the end of season 10, then referred to by the reaper Billie, several times until her death last season. I have been wondering where angels go when they die, and now we know! When Cass finally convinces the Entity he was battling to put him back on Earth, I wonder which version of Cass we are about to meet, as his tie is different than the one he was wearing when he was killed by Lucifer. Castiel’s ties are very telling!

Jody Mills – Kick-Ass Sheriff/Straight Shooter/Loyal Friend – I love Jody. I love that she tells Dean just what she thinks, and loves him and Sam no matter what. She is kind of all of us, in a way. Anyway, her appearance this season is to help set up the spin-off, and I like how they are working really hard to make the spin-off have strong roots in SPN. Don’t try to fix what ain’t broke, right guys?

Donatello – Prophet/Soulless/Breakfast Getter – Honestly, I had totally forgotten Donatello existed, until he showed up, and then I was all Oh Yeah! He’s so off-kilter, he’s easy to forget, but I always enjoy it when he pops up. Plus, it’s nice to have a prophet in your back pocket. I hope he doesn’t die a horrible death too soon.

Random Thoughts!

How fun was it to see Sam and Dean in therapy? I liked how they flipped it on us, with Dean being much more aware of how he was dealing with the loss of their Mom than Sam was. Good stuff. They promised the show wouldn’t go Full Mope this season, and while they certainly skirted the edge of Full Mope – especially with some of the Sam and Dean interactions – the show as a whole still seems to be riding that line of heart-rending drama, and fun, funny insanity.

Jack shadowing Dean while they eat burgers in the motel was ADORABLE. Both Jack’s innocent aping of Dean’s every move, and Dean’s impatience with the kid’s antics.

You finally bring back Missouri Mosely, just to kill her???? GAH, this show. (I love you, Loretta Divine.)

The color of Jody’s jacket in episode 3 was lovely, and I want one. In that exact color.

Jensen Ackles has been giving us a master class in acting this season. Highlights so far: Praying to Chuck for the return of Mary, Castiel, and “even Crowley”; Telling Sam to keep the faith about their mom. Again, I’m not crying, you’re crying!!!

Dean wasn’t wrong when he told Jack that Sam’s plans don’t always work out. Understatement of the decade! Maybe Sam won’t be wrong this time. *fingers crossed*

I like Sam’s hair. It’s not season 8 level of awesomeness, but there’s still time.

I’m sure there’s more, but that’s all I have time for right now. I will try to not wait another four episodes before writing something.

Next! I have no idea what’s gonna happen from the promo! Thanks, promo monkeys!

As is usual, I want to thank It’sOkaySammy over on tumblr for the gifs, the CW for the screenshot, and my pal Joanne for kicking my ass. Everyone is so nice!