Supernatural: Wonder Twin Powers, Activate


  • Castiel has gone to Heaven
  • Dagon, Prince of Hell, has her hands on Kellie Kline, the Baby Momma of Lucifer’s babe.
  • Sam and Dean have The Colt.


Kellie, super sad about her situation, decides to off herself while in the bath. But the Hellspawn inside her has other plans and brings her back to life, setting off a celestial pulse. This particular miracle convinces her that her baby is good, and won’t rain destruction and horror upon the Earth.

Now, we don’t know if she’s right. This kid is gonna be the son of Lucifer, and we know how trustworthy that guy is, so let’s not make assumptions about it’s motivations.

I’m looking at you, Castiel!

Cass is back from Heaven, and after enduring Dean’s withering anger, he steals The Colt and heads out with his Heavenly posse to kill Dagon and Kellie, so the Winchesters don’t have to kill an innocent. It’s a move that we would expect from someone who loves the Winchesters as much as he does, but like many of Castiel’s grand plans, falls short when Dagon proves difficult to kill.

Proving once again that Castiel is the sweetest little angel, instead of killing Kellie, he kidnaps her, hiding her in a grungy motel when his pick-up truck conks out on them. When Sam and Dean track him and Kellie down, via Sam’s tracker app on Cass’ phone, they tell Cass about their grand plan to save Kellie and the baby, and telling Cass once more that he needn’t protect them from the ugly stuff. These guys are so cute when they are throwing themselves on the flames for each other. Unfortunately, Kellie is not down with the Winchester plan, and she steals Baby with Castiel in the back seat.

Needless to say, Dean is rather upset. He quickly fixes Cass’ truck and the Winchesters head off to the playground that holds the gate to Heaven.

In the meantime, Dagon has a tense conversation with Lucifer that while it’s mostly just threats (Lucifer), and excuses (Dagon), we do learn that Lucy has promised Dagon that she will rule by his side, along with the kid. Oh Dagon, don’t you know to never trust a deal made with the Devil? Silly.

As Kellie drives Cass towards Heaven’s gate, she taps into the part of Cass that wants to be a hero by talking about destiny. Right in Cass’s sweet spot. So when Dagon shows up at the sandbox and obliterates Joshua (Aww man, bye Joshua!), Castiel takes her on.

She proceeds to kick his ass.

Sam and Dean show up and slow Dagon down, but Dagon nabs The Colt from Dean and destroys it.


After all of that? After years of The Colt being in the wind, we finally get it back, and BOOM, it’s gone. C’mooooon.

As Dagon approaches Kellie and Cass, Cass takes Kellie’s hand, and the power of the unborn transfers to him, and he is able to obliterate Dagon, much to everyone’s surprize.

Castiel’s powers and faith are restored, and when he insists that the baby will be born, he gives our beautiful boys the Angel Whammy and walks away, sure in his knowledge of the future.

Well. Sam and Dean are gonna be pissed when they wake up in that playground, Castiel and Kellie in the wind. I can’t wait!

Next! Dean has spent quite a bit of this season leaving messages on people’s phones. No wonder he sounds so grouchy.

Screencap courtesy of Home of the Nutty