Supernatural: Someone Else’s Family Business Isn’t So Great, Is It?


Yesterday I found out that S.E. Hinton is a huge Supernatural fan. Like, super-duper fangirly visits the set twice a year, been in an episode, WRITES FANFICTION kind of fangirl.


I am so happy and gobsmacked.

Anyway, this episode is a monster of the week, that is pretty cut and dried. I liked it, I liked how Mr. Ketch blows into the bunker, but gets a little sidelined from the mission by finding a pic of Mary with kiddie Dean, and how Dean drags the hell out of Ketch, while Ketch is eavesdropping. Hee.

Once the boys find out about all of this… the death of Mick, the bugging of the bunker, Ketch sleeping with Mary (I am guessing Ketch will spill those beans at the most inopportune moment), well, all hell will break loose.

I can’t help it, I am generally just as happy as Dean is when he gets some. He’s just so damn cute, I can’t help but to be happy. It’s weird, right? I don’t care.

I am guessing Castiel is unreachable because he has been back up in Heaven?

The Colt officially kills gods. Good to know.

I’m not sure why the Brits are bothering to bug the bunker instead of just going in and fire bombing the place. Unless they are hoping to get all the Winchesters in one fell swoop, which, let’s face it, would be the safer play for them.

There has been liberal use of flashbacks this season, tying what is happening to what has happened before. It was jarring at first, as the show never really used this device very often, but I guess after twelve seasons, and the heavy lift of the mythology after 250+ episodes, it is a valid choice. I don’t hate it, and think it has been used effectively, and the mischievous look on Sam’s face when Dean began carving his initials, interspersed with the flashback of little Sammy and Dean doing the same in the back of Baby, it felt sweet and warm and boy oh boy do I love this show.

Next! Cass is back! They find Dagon and Kellie! And other things!