Prison Break: When You Realize You Didn’t Know You Missed Scofield and Burrows On Your TV

Oh, hai C-Note!

The very first thing I did when I heard Fox was rebooting Prison Break was roll my eyes. By the end of season four, the show was ridiculous, and my roommate Joanne and I made terrible fun of it weekly. So when I heard it was coming back for a short event-style run, with Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell returning and playing our favorite on-the-run brothers, I figured I’d give it a shot.

Right from the start, I loved it. Did I really miss these two jokers on my TV? I did! It surprized me too.

The 24 reboot from Fox, was a snooze-fest, and they knew it. They hyped the return of Carlos Bernard as Tony Almeida, and then barely used him. Boooooo.

But Prison Break gave us a peek right away into all the regular players lives all these years later, and while there hasn’t been nearly enough Sucre for my tastes, they dumped us into a story of a not-dead Michael and a how-did-he-end-up-there mystery and got right to it.

A third of the episodes have aired at this point, and they have carried things along at a nice clip. We’ve had Michael be all broody and mysterious, and Lincoln smash a few hundred things. And hey, even Sarah has been kind of interesting and not really irritating at all, which is some kind of miracle, really.

They even gave me my Kellerman. Yes! Kellerman!!

Miller and Purcell clearly understand what it was about the show that made us fans and kept us watching, even once it all went pear-shaped, and having them participate like this has been great. These two clearly like each other, and their chemistry is solid, and I am not the only person who thinks so, seeing as Greg Berlanti hired these two for his CW shows. First on Arrow, and then moved them over to Legends of Tomorrow. These two together are gold.

My only complaint so far is that we’ve had almost no scenes with the brothers together. Whether its a device of the storytelling, or a necessity due to their busy work schedules, I don’t know, but I hope that we get Burrows and Scofield back in the same scenes together soon (This week’s preview certainly suggests they will be reunited, but who knows with the promo monkeys over at Fox). And that we get more than one scene with Sucre. 😉

Good job, guys. Keep it up!! 🙂

Episode four!