Supernatural: Dammit! Mick!

I was just starting to like him!

I have not had much time this week, and I almost didn’t write a recap, because I got a life going on here, and I do this for fun, but a lot happened, and how was I to go on when so many things happened that will propel us towards the end of the season!? So, I’m gonna be brief.

Just when I was starting to like Mick, and he was starting to “get it”, become a Winchester Bro, even (maybe), he goes and gets himself killed. One of the most surprizing deaths on this show in a very long time. And with his death, we see how ruthless Mr. Ketch really is, introduces to a new British villain, and how strict the Brits really are with their (stupid) “Code”.

And because Mick wasn’t able to bring the American hunters in line, Sam and Dean in particular, it is on. The new Brit lady orders all American hunters to be ELIMINATED.

HOLD ON – Who put the Brits in charge?? I mean, were the MoL in other countries too? France? India? Japan? There are monsters everywhere, right? What asshole decided they were gonna come over to America and just take over? Is it the vacuum that was created when the MoL in America were taken down by Abadon back in the 50s, and so now the Brits are just gonna be, Well, no one else has claimed the colonies…

I’m pretty sure we know where this is all going, but it’s gonna be fun to watch.

Speaking of Mr. Ketch, did I call the sexy chemistry between him and Mary? I did! And who can blame her, really. She’s been dead forever. Lady deserves some sweet lovin’. Too bad her new lover will probably be ordered to kill her sometime soon. In any other show, I would be worried about Mary, but I think Mr. Ketch has no idea what he will be messing with when he’s ordered to go after the Winchesters. They have some friends in high places, ya’ know?

The words every DeanGirl longs to hear…

All of this Mick drama is spurred by the fact that Eileen(!!) has hunted down one of Dagon’s demons, leading her and the beautiful boys to find Kellie Kline and her magical Lucifer baby. First, Eileen and Sam flirting over facetime, or Skype or whatever they use in the SPN universe, is totally adorable, and secondly, it’s nice to see that Sam has boned up – so to speak – on the ASL. I love Shoshanna from Jericho, and I luuuv that they have her on this show, and the fact that she’s deaf is NO BIG. So, The boys and Eileen devise a pretty good plan to get their hands on Kellie, and they whisk her away, leading to a confrontation with Dagon and this new, irritating Brit twit. The Colt makes its appearance, but the bullet shot by Eileen, at Dagon, goes right through her and kills the Brit who we hated from the second we met him,  And while Mick is insistent on killing Eileen for this infraction, Sam is able to use his super awesome social skillz and talk him out of it. Which leads to his rather swift death sentence (SAD), and Sam will probably be really upset about that when he finds out, but hey, the WInchesters have the Colt again! So, yeah, sorry Mickey, but the boys win this one.

ANYWAY – Back in Crowley’s lair…

Crowley tells Lucifer that he’s gotta do what he says, including getting up in front of the demony horde and declaring that Crowley is indeed the true King of Hell. And Lucifer is all, Okey Dokey! Except that as he is declaring Crowley King of All, he is making it quite clear that he doesn’t believe a thing he is saying with an increasingly funny set of facial experssions, garnering the loyalty of at least one demon, who has volunteered to help de-boobytrap his vessel. Aaaah, there’s always one, amirite?

SO! In conclusion, all American hunters are set to be eliminated, with the big target being the Winchesters; Castiel is out and about, being unreachable; the one ally Sam and Dean had in the British Men of Letters is dead via the man who is sleeping with their mother; Lucifer is working behind Crowley’s back trying to escape; and Kellie has been informed that the birth of that baby she is trying so hard to protect will result in her death, as Nephilim kill their mothers in birth, and we wouldn’t expect anything else from Lucifer’s child, right?


Next! Looks like a straight-up monster hunt, kiddies!! Nice.