Supernatural: Good News/Bad News

Dean calls out Mick and his lies

How a bunch of good news and bad news shapes an episode of Supernatural:

Good News! Mick Davies, looking around at the carnage from the vampire attack at the portable MoL bunker, realizes that just being full of knowledge, but no field experience, may make him weaker. So, when it looks like there have been some werewolf attacks in Wisconsin, he insists that he tag along with the Winchesters to learn some stuff.

Bad News: Mick takes his Men of Letters training seriously and to the letter, like a good Englishman does. Not only does he get into with the WInchesters over whether being friends with monsters is a good thing, but he keeps various bits of information from the boys, making the extra angry when they find out these bits.

Good News! Three star hotel, separate rooms, a pool, and awesome pillows with chocolates.

Bad News: There really isn’t any bad news when the Brits are picking up the tab!

Good News! There is a potential cure for lycanthropy!

Bad News: It’s only been tested on mice and one pure blood, and is generally rubbish.

Good News! Claire Novak is back, and she is hunting the same werewolf as our heroes. She also is a good mediator between AngryDean and LyingMick.

Bad News: She’s still kind of irritating, lying to Jody (and the boys), and ends up getting bit by the werewolf they’re hunting. A werewolf who is creepy and looking to rebuild his pack, going so far as to bite Claire out in broad daylight, so she can be his Queen, or something creepy like that.

Good News! Dean is awesome, threatening the handsy, neck-tattooed, bartender guy to keep his hands off Claire, and he figures out that Mick not only lied about the original victim getting bit, but lied about taking her out as well.

Bad News: Dean tells a story about the psychic they let go earlier in the season, putting Mick in the situation of lying by omission, as he was the one who directed her to be shot by Mr. Ketch. This may come back and bite him in the ass later.

Good News! Sam MFing Winchester is like a good dog with a tasty bone, and he is insistent on trying the cure to save Claire.

Bad News: Sam and Dean go looking for the werewolf that bit Claire, and end up choosing the wrong dude. Then, the werewolf shows up at the hotel where Claire and Mick are hunkered down, knocks out Mick, and drags Claire off to his home to monologue a little before she turns.

Good News! Mick put a tracker on Claire, so they can all go and find her. Sam and Mick take out the werewolf, and Dean fights off ClaireWolf until they can get the cure mixed up. I love how Dean makes sure it’s what she wants before they inject her. Consent! It’s a thing.

More Good News! After some tense moments watching Claire react to the cure, and Dean having to get some air, Claire takes to the treatment and is cured! After her near-wolf experience, she calls Jody and confesses to the hunting, at least. And even though Sam and Dean are still pissed at Mick. they decide to give him a second chance because he did such a good job helping them take out the werewolf and curing Claire.


Mick: “The Kendricks School. It’s where the Men of Letters train their operatives. It’s like our-” Sam: “Hogwarts?” Mick: “Yes, exactly.”

Dean: “To do what we do, you can’t learn this crap in a book. You put on a flannel, you pick up a gun, you go out there. Either you get good fast, or you get dead faster.”

Dean: “Three stars are wasted on you.”

Mick: “Monsters don’t just stop being monsters.”

Claire: “Sam, no offense, but who do you think the kids are gonna talk to? Me, or some old skeezer?”

Claire: “You know what? Screw you. I’m so sick of you guys dive-bombing my life, acting like you care.” Sam: “We do care.” Claire: “Then stop treating me like a stupid kid.” Sam: “Then stop acting like one.” (I know Sam looks pained at having said this out loud, but I totally went YES from my couch, so…)

Claire: “It’s my life. I get all the votes.”

Next! Eileen (Shoshanna Stern) is back! Yay! And something about assimilating. That can’t be good.