Supernatural: Family Feud

Family is what this show is all about, and sometimes Family is a bitch.

And even though we got a lot of familiar faces, and an important new one in this episode, it really was placeholder-y. Which is fine! They can’t all be game-changing, amazing episodes! And we got Original Recipe Lucifer! Sometimes, Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer is all you need, you know?


Sam and Dean: The boys are headed off to an old school ghost hunt, and Dean is feeling cranky about Mom and her shady excuses. As he should be! Little does he know, he’s gonna get crankier about her situation in the near future.

After some pretty swift sleuthing, Sam and Dean figure out that the ghost is attached to a recovered shipwreck at a museum in Des Moines, and that particular ship happens to be The Star, the ship that Crowley’s son Gavin was supposed to go with. Seems that he was to meet a bonny lass, Fiona, who was to sail with him, but since he was abducted by Abaddon, he never made it. And not only was she upset that Gavin ditched her, Fiona was also ridiculed by her teacher, and raped by the crew. Her spirit was released when her locket was recovered from the wreck, and she has been on the rampage, killing caretakers across the land.

Sam and Dean meet Gavin, bringing him to them with the pretense that Crowley is sick. They introduce him to his Grandmother, Rowena, and all of them track down Fiona before she kills her fourth victim. The big hitch, is that stopping Fiona could be tricky. Destroying the locket may not be enough, and Sam and Dean float an idea: Send Gavin back in time, via an altered spell like the one that Abaddon and Henry Winchester used, and sacrifice his life to save the others.

Rowena is all for it, Crowley, not so much. They do the spell, and Gavin and Fiona head off to their original destinies.

Lucifer and Crowley: I don’t care how hand-wavy the explanation is on how they got Lucifer’s original vessel back, or the shenanigans to get Lucifer back in it, I am thrilled that Mark Pellegrino is back. Original Recipe Lucifer is the best Lucifer!

The battle of the wits ensue, and while Crowley does his best to mind-game Lucifer, Lucifer jumps right into the deep end, and he is enjoying himself greatly. Crowley can growl and peacock all he wants, Lucy is just too cool for school, and amused by the whole ordeal. And to prove his point that he is indeed in charge, Lucifer drops the nugget that his child is indeed still alive, even after Crowley assures him that Sam and Dean took care of it. Crowley takes a call from the boys regarding Gavin, and berates them for not keeping him in the loop. While Crowley goes off to try and stop the boys from sending his son to his death, Lucifer seems to connect with Dagon, who has nabbed Kelly, the mother of his child.

Kelly Kline and Dagon: Still pregnant with Lucy’s babe, and chilling at a diner, Kelly is low on cash and sad. What she doesn’t know, is that her waitress is an angel keeping an eye on her, and that Lucifer is well aware that his progeny is still kicking. She is now hunted by the angels, and Dagon, one of the last Princes of Hell, has come to her rescue. After a Rosemary’s Baby reference and some Sunday school updates, Dagon convinces Kelly that her best bet is to take up with her.

Momma Winchester: Still working with the Brits, and using really cool toys to do thing like melt an Arugaru’s brain. Why Mr. Ketch is accompanying Mary on a hunt, I don’t know. Maybe to supervise her using the sound wave gun? By the end of their little bits together, I get the feeling that Mr. Ketch is hitting on her. I don’t like it. He tries to convince her that she is a better hunter when she’s not being a mom, and Mary, being the Winchester that she is, informs him that family always comes first. And this leads her back to her boys at the bunker, burger and beer in tow, to confess what she’s been up to. And her boys are not happy, to say the least.

The show ties up the ends with Mary trying to explain herself to her angry (Dean) and dubious (Sammy) boys, while Crowley asks Rowena why he helped send his son to his death. Rowena tells him that it was payback for making her kill Oscar. One death of a child for another.

The only happy person by the end of this episode is Lucifer. Because of course he is.


Crowley:What? No snarky, devilish comments? You have nothing to say?” Lucifer:Thanks? I mean, all that effort. So you could’ve had me back in the cage, but no, you needed your sad, little revenge.”

Dean: “Need a favor.” Crowley: “You. need. You? Turns out beneath the whole moron facade, you and your brother are in fact morons! You let Lucifer’s love child live.”

Crowley: “You and Bullwinkle fix this… mess before it hatches. Then, maybe, then we’ll talk about my son.”

Gavin: “How sick is he?” Sam: “About that. We might have exaggerated a little bit.” Dean: “Lied. We lied.”

Dagon: “Titles, labels. I’m a demon. You’re Rosemary, complete with baby.”

Pembroke Teacher: “Yeah. I read one more Internet-bought paper on Bleak House, I’ll scream.”

Mary: “Do not give me ‘The Face.'” Dean: “What face?” Mary: “You know, ‘The Face!'” Dean: “There’s no face.” Mary: “That’s ‘The Face!'”

Rowena: “I’m your Mother, dear. Who better to crush your shriveled heart?”

Next! Rick Worthy finally returns as the Alpha Vampire!! Hooray! I love Rick Worthy!