Supernatural: L.O.T.U.S.

Nice work with the fireplace flames in the background!

I don’t even know where to start with this one, as the very idea of Lucifer inhabiting the body of the POTUS, especially in this time of Trump, gives my brain all kinds of fits.

I do, however, really like the idea of Lucifer having a child, and the idea of the woman who carries his child, unable to separate herself from the horror of carrying something so unholy, from the struggles she clearly has with her devotion to her God.

Just when you think this show has exhausted all angles of every story, they find something new to address. It’s quite remarkable, and probably a prime example of how changing showrunners every few years, yet keeping the bones of the production and creative teams intact, can really keep a show fresh.

Being placed in a world with magic probably helps too.

And we finally meet the much commented on Mr. Ketch, who seems perfectly reasonable and helpful to the Winchesters, so I wonder why the British MoL lady was so loathe to have him involved. I mean, the Brits clearly have a different agenda than our boys, and there are surely some epic clashes coming with a Nephilim in the mix, but Mr. Ketch listens to our boys, hands over some fancy monster killn’ toys, and seems to be someone who will be helpful.

Anyhoo, there is much manipulation of Secret Service agents in this episode, and when Sam and Dean strike LOTUS with their shiny new golden egg, forcing Lucifer out of POTUS, he vows to return.

Now, this is where I get a little confused by tricky editing. We clearly see at least some of Lucifer’s essence make its way down the heat register as he exits POTUS. It looks like Sam spies that happen, but once the President’s body falls to the ground, and Crowley and Rowena peace out, Sam seems to act as if they got Lucifer in their shiny golden egg. I can’t quite figure out if Sam actually saw that, and is hedging his bets that they got enough of Lucifer in the egg, or if he didn’t see it, and that was just poor editing…

But none of that matters right now, as Castiel’s mind manipulation of the Secret Service guys wears off just in time for them to crash into the hotel room and see Sam and Dean kneeling over a prostate POTUS.


The episode ends with our boys shackled and tossed into the back of a heavy armor truck, presumably being driven off to some ultra-high security blacksite, to be locked up for god knows how long for the attempted assassination of the president.

I wonder of the US government knows about warding, and how long it will take for Crowley or Castiel to find our boys.

Not bad!

Next! Mary and Castiel team up to find their beloved Winchesters!