Supernatural: Carrying On

November has been crazy. From the election to National Novel Writing Month to Thanksgiving, I have been either exhausted, stuffed or just achey and cranky. But there were a couple of episodes of Supernatural, and here is what I’ve got to say about them.

Episode 5: “The One You’ve Been Waiting For”

Nothing better than classic slapstick fumbling!

Nothing better than classic slapstick fumbling!

Okay, the whole bit with Dean and that ship was classic hilarity. I love that kind of comedy, because it is so freakin’ hard to pull off.

I am assuming the title refers to the fact that Jensen has commented multiple times over the years that there is a grenade launcher in the back of Metallicar, and it has never been touched, let alone used. And the scene where Dean finally pulls it out to kill some Nazi’s is Winchester cute, but in the end, a let down. As was much of this episode.

Ever since “Everyone Hates Hitler” I have been hoping we would see Aaron Bass and his Golem again. They were a great pair in a great episode, and Aaron’s story was set up for more visits with the Thule still out there. So I was very disappointed to find him shoved into a short scene that took place over the phone, and that was it! Such a shame.

The high points were the manic characterization of a Hitler unleashed after being stuffed in a pocket watch for 70 years or so. I thought it was funny. And Dean’s bragging, over and over, that he killed Hitler. A sentiment that carries on to the next episode, with a funny reaction from Sheriff Jodi Mills.

Oh, and Dean gets to quote some classic Indiana Jones. And while some see Dean Winchester as more of a Han Solo character, I’d say he would do well in the Indiana Jones hat as well.

Oh, and this outtake is GOLD.

All in all, a serviceable episode with a few very entertaining moments between the moments of MEH of the actual plot. Saved by Jared and Jensen knowing their characters so well, and one crazy interpretation of Hitler.

Episode 6: “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox”

Now this was a good episode!

Dean telling Jodi about killing Hitler!

Sam outing Dean’s fondness for animated Japanese porn!

Sam looking super comfy on Jodi’s couch!

OMG, everyone is so cute!!!

Sam is so comfy!

Sam is so comfy!

And then Jodi gets a call about a hunter that has died, and the whole gang heads to Manitoba (Canada!!) for the wake, Sam and Dean’s first hunter’s gathering! Boys, you’ve been doing this a long time, maybe get out of the bunker from time to time?

Anyhoo, turns out Asa Fox became a hunter after Mary Winchester saved him from a werewolf many moons ago, and when Mary hears of his death, she shows at the wake, surprizing both Sam and Dean.

The scene where Jodi realizes that this is THE Mary Winchester is priceless, and then Jodi stopping Dean on his way out for some air, giving him a talking to? Stuff like that is why I still watch this show. *SWOON*

Sam and Dean finding out they are LEGENDS in the hunting community is fun, and funny, because those boys always expect the monsters to have heard of them, but I guess they never thought about other hunters telling tales of the Winchesters.

It’s all fun and craft beer tastings until a nasty Crossroads Demon by the name of JL shows up and starts randomly killing and possessing the attendees of the wake, eventually locking all of them in the warded house, with the exception of Dean, who has gone outside to deal with the emotional turmoil of his mom showing for a hunter she met once, when she can’t seem to text her sons more than once a week Or less. (According to Dean)

He’s not totally wrong to be angry, but he is fortunate to be outside when the killings and possessions begin. Or maybe it’s us who are fortunate, for we get another visit from the reaper Billie, who am liking more with every visit she makes. Dean convinces her to make a deal to get him into the warded home, after confirming she is still intent on sending him and Sam into the black void or whatever when they die, and Dean flies through the door in the glare of a very dramatic white light to help save the day. Like a boss!!

Our crossroads demon and paranoid hunters give us some excellent misdirection as JL pops from person to person, causing chaos and death along the way. (Does the fact that Sam isn’t possessed confirm that Sammy re-tattooed his anti-possession tattoo? And why don’t ALL of these dumbasses have some sort of anti-possession paraphernalia on their persons? C’mooooon!)

JL makes his last stop in Jodi, and she tears into everyone, spilling secrets left and right. It is very amusing, and very upsetting, as I am quite aware that Jodi has been on this show for many seasons now, and her time may be up any moment now.

Fortunately, the hunters join together in chanting out the exorcism spell, line by line, hunter by hunter, and send JL back to, in his words, the chaos of hell, now that both Crowley and Lucifer aren’t there to run the show. Demons need a strong leader I suppose, or else everything goes all willy nilly.

So, as we watch the bodies of the dead burn on their pyre (One was dead when they got there, the other two died in the chaos), Jodi tells Mary that she has two sons that are most excellent men. (paraphrased! 😉 ) Mary agrees, but is still hesitant about her place in the world. Billie shows one more time with an offer for Mary. I’ll reap you right now and send you straight to heaven. Even though Mary seems to be considering it, once she realizes that she has to take herself out before her soul can be reaped, she tells Billie it’s a no go, and heads off to breakfast with her boys. Winchesters, amirite?

Happy family?

Happy family?


NEXT! More Rick Springfield as Lucifer. *sigh* I am not jazzed so far with his take on our evil angel. Maybe this episode will change my mind? (I’m guessing no.) But we get more Crowley and Castiel, so hopefully that will make up for it.