Supernatural” Adventures in Moondoor

I am not really much of a nitpicker, but it totally irked me that Sam and Dean didn’t remember what LARPing was. They met those guys in “The Monster at the End of This Book” way back in season four, so although we have a new crew of writers this season, that is just bad form, SHOW.

SPN_S8 title

That being said, this was a fun, frothy piece of love after last week’s mope-fest. I don’t know any LARPers (or do I??), but I hope they weren’t offended by this episode, as I found it delightful!

We start with a half a second of WAH! in Metallicar (while listening to The Doobie Brothers!), which is fair. Meanwhile a dork gets in a fight on his phone with a friend, and then is wildly murdered by having his limbs torn off by some invisible force after a funky tree tattoo appears on his forearm. YIKES. As is known to happen, Sam and Dean to the rescue!

After a second tattoo induced horrible death, the beautiful boys head on out to the local LARP fest, MOONDOOR, to meet up with their old friend Charlie (The awesome Felicia Day!) – Queen of the Moons! (This rabid Supernatural fan totally forgot she was a lesbian… probably because of the insane chemistry between her and Dean.)


The first LARPer they meet, Boltar, immediately calls them out on their fake FBI badges (Heh.), and brings them to the Queen. Dean is really letting his dorky-ness out here. He is obviously champing at the bit to get into costume. The funny thing is, Sammy is such a nerd you’d think he would be into this kind of stuff, but Dean is the dork, and he is always into this stuff. Amusingly so.

Charlie gets brave and is on board to help, and Dean happily changes into a squire outfit, amusingly labelled as a handmaiden by Charlie. Those two are so cute together! Dean is so much better at making connections with people while Sam is off being a stick in the mud in the computer tent. I mean, he’s a really good researcher, but

Anyhoo, turns out the tattoo is the Shadow King’s family crest, so it looks like those forest types are the murderers, but of course, that’s too easy. Once Charlie is kidnapped by a faerie, and after they get a little smoochy, Dean and Sam figure out that the annoying Boltar is out to decimate his own team to take the crown as the King next to Charlie. A dastardly deed! With a spell book from eBay!

The boys and Charlie save the day, and Sammy finally wipes that mope off his face and joins in the fun by being part of a vaguely faithful rendition of the big fight scene from “Braveheart”. Cuuute.


Cop: “She probably heard the TV, or had a bad dream, or was high as balls.”

Dean: “I think we can take care of a bunch of accountants with foam swords.”

Sam: “There were clear signs he was killed with belladonna.” Dean & Charlie (in unison)” “The porn star?”

Charlie: “What? I can’t shut this down. It’s good to be the Queen.”

Charlie: “Hey Jerry. I’m the one who saves damsels in distress around here.” BAMF! *kisses faerie*

Charlie: “Is that the speech from…” Dean: “It’s the only one he knows.”

Fun! Tonight we go back in time (somehow) and meet Grandpa Winchester as a 20 something. I predict more angst.