Supernatural: Lucifer & Our Sweet Angel

I would like to start with the news that Netflix finally has all six seasons of Supernatural on Instant Play, and while I am thrilled to have that kind of access to those Wonderful Winchesters (and Papa Winchester too!), they have stripped all the classic rock out of the season one episodes and replaced it with cheezy and lame-o “Rock”. So if anyone out there is finally giving this show a chance because it can be accessed by streaming, and you find it enjoyable, power through those first season episodes ignoring the soundtrack if you can. Or get your hands on the DVDs, which have all the original music, and takes this show from Good to Awesome. Metallicar just ain’t the same without Kansas or BOC blaring outta her.

Next, I have been a lazy, lazy recapper. Due to buying a car, dealing with the random things that get thrown at you in life, and general laziness, I have dropped the ball on the last couple of episodes. I am not gonna bother going full throttle into them, because as I mentioned earlier, I am lazy, but I think I will be fine, because these last three episodes do kind of tie in together in an interesting way. Honorable mention to the actor who played the guy who wanted to be re-possessed by his demon, cause he was creee-peee, and I really liked it. Also, how do we feel about the leviathan story-line so far? And where did Frank get off too?

For much of the season, we have been told that Lucifer has been residing in Sammy’s broken-walled mind, and we have had little, enticing snippets of what he’s been enduring, thanks to Mark Pelligrino and his awesome characterization of the little devil. It is common on this show that we are told things instead of shown, such is the way of television on a netlet like The CW, but “The Born-Again Identity” gave up big, heaping handfuls of crazy, and it becomes clear as day what special hell Sammy has been going through all these months. The fact that he hasn’t gone bonkers sooner is a miracle all on its own.

We open this episode with Sammy running for his life, freaking the you-know-what out, taking drugs in a desperate attempt to get some sleep, and ultimately being hit by a car, and getting his sweet self tied to a bed in the nearest loony bin. We are included in the constant and ever increasing amount of nattering, cajoling, bull-horn beeping, firecracker throwing, taunting and general obnoxiousness rolling out of Lucifer. It is incredibly entertaining for us, but we can practically see pieces of Sammy’s mind falling to the ground and shattering. Sleep deprivation is a bitch.

Dean, being Dean, is rightly distraught over his little brother’s mental break, and he pulls out all the stops, calling every person he can find for help. He’s so sweet. And sad. And once again, as has happened on and off since Bobby died, ‘something’ helps Dean find the number that ultimately leads him to an actual healer, Emanuel. (If you read the interwebs, or watch previews, you know EXACTLY who Emanuel is. YAY!)

After ganking the stupidest demon ever, Dean comes face to face with Emanuel, who looks suspiciously like Castiel. Dean is appropriately surprized. Having seem all manner of crazy in his time, Dean keeps up a pretty good charade while filling ‘Emanuel’ in about demons, and his brother and the like. Dean convinces our sweet, amnesia suffering angel to come to the booby hatch and try and heal Sammy. The ride in Metallicar between a still heartbroken Dean and a semi-clueless ‘Emanuel’ is lovely. We find out how EmanuelCas ended up married and a healer, and our darling Dean swallows his anger and once again puts his brother first. You know how much I love Dean and Cas together. My fangirly heart is soaring, if you must know.

During a pit-stop on the BFF road trip to the cuckoo nest, Dean is surrounded by demons. Seems they are hot on our fair Winchester’s tail, and our gal Meg shows up to help with the ganking, and fill us in on the dealio. Word is out on EmanuelCas, and Crowley seems to have taken off the moratorium on hunting down our beautiful brothers. After everything that happened between Dean and Cas, Dean is surely working hard to protect him. So cute!

In the meantime, Sammy is coherent enough to find a poor girl in the psyche ward who is haunted by her dead, angry brother, and he takes it upon himself to salt and burn her brotherly ghost. Once a hunter always a hunter I suppose, even with a crazy devil harassing you, and days without sleep. Aw Sammy, you are such a good man. Also, is this the first time ever we have seen Sammy with a beard? Me likey.

Our heroes make it to the crazy house only to find it staked out by many demons. Meg lets the You’re An Angel out of the bag (like we all knew she would do!), and EmanuelCas takes it quite well considering where he suddenly finds himself. With a little coaching from Meg and Dean, I mean, very little coaching, EmanuelCas gives the angel thing the ol’ college try and smites the hell (so to speak) out of all those demons, while all the memories of being Castiel come rushing back. It is awesome. I missed our little angel so much!

Castiel suddenly feels all the remorse for his actions and tries to bail, but our darling Dean chases ater his BFF and those two finally make up. Someone up there wants these two together, and someone up there loves Castiel as much as we do. And then, sweet Dean pulls out Castiel’s trenchcoat that he has apparently been carrying around with him all this time. It is the cutest damn thing ever!

Our angel busts into Sammy’s electric shock therapy session, run by yet another damn demon, in the nick of time, only to realize that Sammy is too far gone for his angel mojo. When Castiel realizes that Sammy doesn’t believe he’s real, his heart breaks all over again. OMG, show! Why you gotta make me feel!!!?

Back in his room, Sammy listens to Lucifer read him “The Three Little Pigs” (hee), while Castiel comes up with a plan. The saddest and most selfless plan of them all. Cas shoots his red angel mojo into Sammy’s brain and switches places with him. We leave vacant-eyed Cas and his brother Lucifer in the loony room, while Meg gets a job as a nurse at said loony hatch. To keep an eye on Cas? To what end? Will we see these people again? I sure hope so.

This was another excellent episode in what is coming to be a very strong season. I am loving Sam and Dean’s relationship, and all the resolution we are getting from past characters. It is obvious to me that the writers this season are fans. I like it. The biggest weak spot has been the Leviathan story. I mean, the Winchesters just accepted that stupid “We’re here to cure cancer.” line from the last episode? Not buying it. I hope that there is a strong finish to the leviathans, because they have been putting that on the back burner for a long time.

Favorite Quotes:

Lucifer: “Stupid Lucifer.”

Lucifer (to Dean): “Ahh, Mr. Helpless. Pull up a six-pack, buddy.”

Dean: “Screw Cas. Quit being Dali Yoda about this. Get Pissed!”

EmanuelCas: “This silence is very uncomfortable. Is there something I should know?”

Dean: “This isn’t going to go well.”  Meg: “Oh I don’t know. I believe in the little tree topper.”

Dean: “Look man, I get it, she’s not our friend. We don’t have friends. All our friends are dead.”

Next week: Drunken hunting! Good times…