Supernatural: And So It Begins…

We all knew it was coming. There is something up with our Darling Sammy, and this episode we saw a most disturbing sight: Sammy looking on while Dean was turned into a vamp. I haven’t yelled that much at the TV during this show is a very long time!

But the honest truth is, Sam is much more interesting like this (OMG, I was so done with him whining about Dean all the time), and it gives our lovely brothers some juicy conflict, which is needed in a show with only two main characters. Many may disagree with me, but if done right, conflict between these two helps propel the story.

Being a fan of the Twilight books (hey, don’t look at me like that!!), I was greatly amused by the opening sequence. There must be legions of young’uns out there setting themselves up for similar encounters. Only this time, we get some really, really bloody vampires. This show is doing the monster thing up right this season, and it’s nice to be reminded that vampires are supposed to be hella scary, not broody and sparkly.

So, Dean turns into the hottest vampire this side of I don’t know where, and after much angst, we find out, quite matter-of-factly, that there is a cure for vampirism, as long as you haven’t fed. I am willing to buy that, although watching VampireDean feed would have been… well, let me stop myself right there.

The casual way Grandpa Winchester offered the cure, and the dismissive air of Sammy was interesting, and made me trust Gramps a little more. Of course the Smirk of Eeee-vil from Sammy while his one and only brother was turned… well, that was pretty chilling. Hopefully next week, with the addition of Castiel, we will get some more dirt on what is up with SammyFromTheDead.

A word about this season so far: I am really digging it! I have no idea what the rest of the fandom is feeling, but I feel like this show has been saved by some great new energy, and by a showrunner who clearly loves these characters. The episodes have had a lot of that old crackle from early seasons, and even though we have conflicted Winchesters, it doesn’t feel as rotten and dreary as the last couple of Kripke! seasons. Hooray!!