The Carnival of Bauer!!! Season premiere edition

Sorry for the delay; what with four hours of 24 and lots of other stuff going on, we didn’t get our carnival off the ground the same way we usually do.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t have some good entries.

Let’s start with the first Motivational Posters of Season 8, by Adam at The Jack Sack. While all are wonderful, as usual, the one entitled “Dissonance” is brilliance. Really. Brilliance. And I have to, once again, share the fantastic Bauertar poster Adam did previously:

OK, anyhow, BuddyTV can’t quite compete with that, but has an amusing Jack Bauer “Damnit” Security Advisory System, even though they misspelled Dammit. Yes, technically, the word is spelled Damnit, but every Jack Bauer fan for, like a decade almost, has been spelling it Dammit. So, Dammit, get with the program, BuddyTV!

Our very own The Man found this one, for the boys (and some girls, of course), on Funny Crave: The Women of 24. It has every single one of ’em: Michelle, Starbuck, even Janis Gold. Yes, EVEN JANIS GOLD. This post was, as The Man said, “What Wyatt was doing this weekend.”

Steve over at The Magic Lamp continued his completely over-the-top and chock-full of detail and humor summaries: 4 pm to 5 pm; 5 pm to 6 pm; 6 pm to 7 pm; and 7 pm to 8 pm. Warning: You may need four hours to read through all four episodes’ worth.

Booker Rising has a mini-rant about this season so far, but admits that some of it is just a matter of the usual suspension of belief one must have in order to be a 24 fan. If you read the comments, he also notes that bad 24 is better than most other shows anyhow, which we here at TV Tyrant and Blogs 4 Bauer have often said. And what 24 fan doesn’t rant about the show now and again?

Then, there is my commentary on the first four hours and two videos that sum up the first four hours in about five minutes.

Finally, there were our two live blogs: Sunday’s two hours and Monday’s two hours — each of which has gotten nearly 300 replays. Yeah, people replayed the liveblog. TRUE STORY. We were brilliant, obviously. Either that or Nancy Pelosi can’t get enough of B4B. We prefer to think both, of course.

And our Point/Counterpoint series kicked off Season 8 with
Jack Bauer is a bad influence on his grandchild, By Grandpa Oscar and
Jack is a Great Grandpa! by Teri Bauer

And, the first Cap This! of Season 8.

Stop by in a couple hours to join us for tonight’s liveblog.