Torchwood: They Keep Killing Suzie

It was only a matter of time before the Glove of Resurrection made its way back into the Torchwood storyline, and it makes perfect sense that it was with the resurrection of Suzie.

I’m glad we got to see more of her, though, and learn more of her motivations, as curious as they still may be.


We start off with the Torchwood group arriving at a crime scene, with the lead police detective (who I really like and hope shows up in future eps) telling them they need to see this, Torchwood definitely has a connection to this crime. (Side note: When Captain Jack acts all Captain Jack to her, she comments somethingn to the effect of, “Oh god, they weren’t kidding about you.” lol!)

She tells them, as they enter the bedroom where a couple’s been killed in a grisly homicide, “Somebody wants your attention.”

Camera pans to the wall above the bed. There, in blood, a word is written, “Torchwood.”

Captain Jack: “They’ve got it.”

But here’s the rub: There’s no record of any of the victims in the Torchwood database. A quick DNA test of hairs left at the scene by the murderer, however, shows something rather troubling: He’s taken retcon, Torchwood’s powerful amnesia drug. Only Torchwood has the formula, so far as they know, so it’s one of 2,008 people they’ve given it to. And, hopefully, only one.

So what’s the best way to solve a murder, and fast? Why, bring the murder victims back to life and ask them? Of course, we must remember that didn’t work out so well last time, when Suzie has the Glove of Life and ended up killing people in order to bring them back to life. Add to the situation that the dead tend to be rather freaked out when they’re brought back to life and you don’t seem to get very far.

Also not so easy to get it together, seeing as last time ’round, Jack couldn’t make it go and Owen said it didn’t work for him last time. In fact, last time the only one who could make it work was … Suzie. So Gwen, seeing as she wasn’t part of Torchwood last time, gives it a go. Apparently, the glove needs to draw on empathy and compassion.

The first victim (from a murder before the couple that Torchwood’s called out to) just ends up screaming and wants to see his mum. And, then, he’s out.

Two more attempts to go.

The glove is very powerful, and Gwen describes the connection that brings the dead back to life as being “like a rope from my heart to the glove.” She brings the dead husband back to life. Captain Jack speaks very nicely to him, manages to draw out some information.

The murderer was “that man,” a “pilgrim.” Someone was always talking to him – Suzie.

Jaw dropper for the Torchwood folks. WTF does Suzie have to do with any of this? They find some flyers about Pilgrim, a religious support group/debating society, among the dead wife’s belongings. Owen says it’s impossible that Suzie belonged to this group, but Gwen counters by asking how well anyone actually knew Suzie and what she did with her time. They pretty much had no idea about her personal life, so now they have to go to some storage place to look through Suzie’s belongings.

Seems Torchwood not only gets to keep the body of all dead members, but also all their belongings. So if Gwen were to die, Reese wouldn’t get any of her stuff – Torchwood would come and take it all and box it up into some warehouse.

It’s a good thing, though, because in pawing through Suzie’s stuff, they find a Pilgrim flyer. Now they know they have to bring her back, to ask her what on earth is going on.

I’m not quite sure why the glove alone doesn’t bring Suzie back to life, but Gwen won’t stop trying. So Jack gets the Life Knife and stabs her in the chest at the same time that Gwen uses the glove. Wow, that works.


Suzie’s not at all pleased that Gwen’s taken her place. She doesn’t remember Jack coming back to life or killing herself. And, ewww, the back of her head is all brainzzzzzz. Zombie Suzie.

Turns out she gave this guy Max one amnesia pill a week every week for two years. She’d tell him all about Torchwood and her work because she wanted someone to talk to. The gang manages to trace this Max guy – he’s a pilgrim? He’s some big, burly tattooed, biker-looking guy. Love, though, how Jack puts the hurt on him, then Tasers him.

Long story short, Max freaks out every time Torchwood is uttered. It’s a trigger of some sort for him. Rest of the time, he’s reciting “I Wonder,” a poem by Emily Dickinson. Meanwhile, we find out that Suzie and Owen used to sleep together. And that Suzie’s father had cancer, she claims to have wanted to be able to bring him back to life if he’d died.

Now Gwen and Jack get really torqued at one another, about how each is or feels responsible for Suzie’s death and subsequent resurrection, which – oh, did I forget to mention? – seems somewhat permanent, brainzzzzz and all. What if she never “dies” again? Undying forever, Gwen says, just Jack and Suzie. We see how unhappy Captain Jack is to be immortal – “I’d sooner kill her.”

Soon he realizes, though, that he has to kill Suzie no matter what, in order to save Gwen. There’s still a link between the two women, not broken by taking the glove off, and Suzie’s getting stronger while Gwen’s getting weaker. Of course, Gwen has so much sympathy and empathy for Suzie that she breaks her out of Torchwood to see her dad in the hospital.

Of course, just as Captain Jack and Owen realize this, Torchwood locks down and there doesn’t seem to be any way to get it open quickly. And the only way to save Gwen is to get out quickly, because time’s running out.

So, they call the police detective and after she has a good laugh at Torchwood’s expense, she helps him out. She goes and buys a volume of Emily Dickenson’s poetry and gives them the next lines to the poem. Seems the portion of the poem Max was reciting is what triggered the lockdown.

But more of the poem doesn’t seem to be reversing this. Then Jack wonders – what’s the book’s ISBN number. Aha! This is why he’s the leader of Torchwood. It works, and they get out, and are tracing Gwen and Suzie. Somehow, some way, Suzie knew all this would happen and managed to plan and set all this up ahead of time so she could be brought back to life.

Suzie and Gwen have already left the hospital, where Suzie’s killed her dad, because he was a right bastard, though we don’t know why, exactly (but there’s usually only one or two things that cause such a visceral reaction like this). She wants to send him to the darkness, where something’s coming …

Finally, Jack & Co. catch up to Suzie and Gwen on a pier, where Gwen’s dropped, bleeding head and all, and is all but dead. Jack shoots Suzie, point blank. She drops, and then … gets up. He shoots her again. Nope. The glove is keeping Gwen and Suzie connected, so Toshiko has to destroy it and … Suzie’s dead, Gwen comes back to life, sans the hole in her head.

But before Suzie fades away for good, she whispers to Jack.

Do you want to know a secret? There’s something moving in the dark, and it’s coming, Jack Harkness, it’s coming for you.

Death by Torchwood. That’s what her death certificate will say now.

The glove, we learned earlier in the episode, fell through the rift 40 years ago and lay at the bottom of the bay until it was dredged up by Torchwood (when, just in the past year?). But now it’s gone and the power of resurrection is gone with it.

Ianto makes a good point, though –

“That’s the thing about gloves, sir: They come in pairs.”