So Say We All: The Battlestar Galactica Blog Carnival, Ed. 4.5.5

I don’t think I need to repeat how fantastic I thought Friday’s ep was, so I’m not gonna say much here. Let’s just get into the week’s

submissions, no? (I can’t believe there are only five episodes left!!!!!) By the way, if after reading all this, you still want more, head over to Mo Ryan’s blog at the Chicago Tribune and check out her Q&A with the writers. We will find out what Starbuck is and we’ll get more Boomer. Oh, and the devastation on Earth was, indeed, the result of a Cylon Civil War.

Nina presents Battlestar Galactica Season 4.5 Epi. 15: No Exit posted at Blog It Out Bitch. She has a very interesting theory about Starbuck that actually makes more sense than mine. Be sure to check out the pre- and post-episode questions. Amazing how many questions the ep actually did answer.

Tru presents BSG – 5 down, 5 to go posted at True Science Fiction. John/Cavil’s rebellion against the Final Five is very much the stuff of nightmares for every parent of a teenager, he notes.

Norman Doering presents A few Pieces of a Puzzle posted at A Blog from Hell. “In a way,” he says, “Ellen Tigh is our Doctor Frankenstein and Cavil is her monster. The others making up the final five are apparently just a collection of Igors.”

Jayson Peters presents “Battlestar Galactica: No Exit” — It’s all coming together posted at Nerdvana. He points out that Ellen Tigh wasn’t the Final Cylon after all, and that Moore & Eick were all tricky on us, hiding a No. 7.

Ms. Smarty Pants presents Hell is Clunky Exposition posted at Ms. Smarty Pants Know It All. Not a fan of the exposition dump (as Norman, above, called the episode), Ms. SP still found there to be some interesting answers, not least of which is that the Final Five all had “head angels” like Baltar has. Hmmm. What the frak does that mean, though???

Roberta presents BSG So Say We All Blog Carnival – brainfry anyone? posted at CouchSlobs – A Monument To Human Idleness. She managed to pull her frazzled brain together enough to ponder Daniel (and express relief that my urgent cries of WHY IS SHARON NO. 8??? were finally answered) and express rather interesting thoughts about the Cylons’ desire to be more human.

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@Nina - very interesting thoughts. I've wondered about Six, too. Every incarnation of her seems to have a different name. Natalie, Gina, didn't she have some name that Baltar called her back on Caprica? I wonder if she was made, almost, in Ellen's image? I mean, Ellen looks a lot older than Six, but ...


I'm very curious to see if we'll get insight on why the others look the way they do. Does Six have a name? We know Cavil is named after, and made in the image of, Ellen's Dad, but why does Boomer look the way she does and why is she named Sharon? What about Simon and why is he the "medical" one? Ahhh, is it Friday yet?!


@Ms. SP - oh my, you're right. But it's not QUITE the same ick factor, seeing as neither of them were aware, but still.... Unless Caprica Six DID know, somehow, which is possible.

Ms. SP
Ms. SP

Outstanding entries as usual. Just a quick note to add to the ick factor: Everyone is talking about the Ellen/Cavil familial convolutions. That got me thinking about the Tigh/Six relationship. He's fathering his own "grandchild" fer crying out loud.