The Carnival of Bauer!!!! returns

Hour 7 totally rocked the house, with 5 Jack kills, Red Hot getting at least one kill, Tony claiming some lives, Phlox blowing up and general mayhem – along with the First Dude talking his way out of getting his brains splattered all over the wall.

Sure, we had a total WTF moment when Chewbacca got home and his waitress girlfriend came by to ask if they were still on for dinner, and Jack didn’t drop any Dammits, but it was an excellent hour of television, by any standard.

So it’s no surprise we have some excellent entries this week for the Carnival of Bauer!!!, and I’m thrilled to say Adam from The Jack Sack™ made a carny screencap for me (actually, gave me two choices, and as a bonus I’ll put the runner up at the bottom of this post):


To start things off with the appropriate humor, let’s head on over to the aforementioned Jack Sack™ and check out the latest set of e-cards. No. 3 makes me sad. 🙁

Steve over at the Magic Lamp, whose minute-by-minute recaps of 24 are so frakkin’ funny that Dave Barry posts them on his blog, does it again Warning: He does these so detailed it might take you an hour to read it. But it’s pretty funny, so it won’t be a wasted hour. Like this: “2:54 – At the White House, the news shows the Kidron plant is in a state of disarray, with some people wearing chemical outfits. Others are just going into neighboring towns which must have some kind of anti-insecticide shielding (but really HUGE bugs).”

Kasia over at Almeida is God waxes poetic over the episode. She truly, madly, deeply loves 24 and, of course, Tony. One thing I missed, though, was the symmetry of Jack and Tony’s handshake mirroring the opening scene of Season 2 (my personal favorite, btw), but that’s not lost on her.

Jackster at the covert diaries of jackster maps out all the potential moles in Season 7 so far, detailing the pros and the cons on why each would or wouldn’t fit the role. I really hadn’t considered Janis Gold as a mole, but he had some interesting theories. Fact is, it’ll be another 15 hours before we find out all of them for sure.

TonyJunkie from Tony Almeida Junkie Blog found a great little article about the good folks of Kidron, Ohio, who were quite surprised to find their town was the focal point of a 24 terrorist near-attack.

Jeff Kouba of Truth vs. the Machine recaps the hour with a Copy That drinking game, in which, just as it sounds, you have to drink every time someone utters “Copy that.” Needless to say, he’s a bit tipsy by episode’s end.

King Tom from King Tom’s Kingdom points out something I hadn’t noticed before (and neither had he) that our big bad guy (so far) is named “Ike.” Yes, Like Eisenhower. Really?

Here’s a fun one – Jack Bauer calls President Obama. How’s that work out? Not so well? Anyhow, thanks to Never Yet Melted for that one.
And over at, they don’t much like Janis Gold, either.

Finally, we have Blogs4Bauer‘s weekly Tivo Blogging update by our very own VtheK, complete with all the “official” (to B4B, at least) nicknames of the season to date.

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carny2Again, thanks to Adam for the fabulous screencaps! You should see what he can do with some paint, children’s furniture and too much knowledge of Star Wars!